Ecommerce Marketing

Website design

From homepage to checkout, Valley Digital Marketing will make your website stand out and more importantly be designed to convert visitors into customers.

Email Marketing

Through our creative emails, we are able to keep in contact with your email subscribers and keep your brand on the top of the customers.

Social Media Advertising

Through various forms of content, we are able to advertise that product on different channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube to increase brand awareness and sell more products.

Video Production

Showcasing a story around your product with videos allows potential customers to be informed on everything your product has to offer.

Conversion Research

You provide the data, we provide the process. Our comprehensive research is the first and most important phase as we gather and analyze your data, which allows us to seek out the largest conversion opportunities for your business. 

Testing & optimization

Our testing and optimization process utilizes your data to pinpoint the best use of your site and your customer’s user experience. 

We continuously test our data-backed changes to new and existing strategies in order to uncover your greatest growth potential. 

Redesign Assurance

Time and time again, businesses launch new sites for better performance, higher conversion rates and more sales, but proceed to see less than optimal gains.

Valley Digital Marketing will work by your side to ensure your new site lives up to its potential based on consumer data and research, providing step-by-step guidance to increase conversions and brand awareness. 

Showcase Your Product Online